Westhaven News Autumn edition 2024

2024 Auckland Boat Show recap

We extend our appreciation to those of you who visited our stand at the Auckland Boat Show in March. The turnout at the event was impressive, and it was fantastic to have meaningful conversations with passionate attendees who share our love for the water and boating community. The discussions we had were not just about our current offerings, but also about the developments underway and on the horizon. Your feedback and insights fuel our efforts to continuously improve and innovate, ensuring that our marina remains a vibrant hub for boating enthusiasts. Read More

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In response to some of the suggestions we received in last year's customer satisfaction survey, we have been taking steps to improve our laundry and shower facilities. As part of this ongoing effort, we are in the process of transitioning to a cashless payment system and anticipate having new machines installed by the end of June. Read More

Construction and maintenance update

The upgrade to the seawall along Westhaven's northern reclamation began in early March under the guidance of Eke Panuku. This project aims to address the challenges posed by adverse weather events and king tides, which have led to significant inundation in the area. Read More

Sustainable environment

Minimising our environmental footprint is imperative for marinas, given the substantial waste generated by boating activities. In our ongoing pursuit of sustainability, waste reduction has emerged as a central focus at our marina. Read More

Evie the electric inflatable

Evocean and Westhaven Marina have joined forces for a trial, introducing a 5.5m custom-built fully electric patrol boat, replacing one of the petrol-powered boats in our fleet. The propulsion system, developed and constructed in New Zealand, utilises a standard inflatable boat as the platform and has undergone full surveying and approval. Read More

H28 Yacht Owners' Association of New Zealand  

The H28 has long been a feature of the New Zealand yachting scene, with its legacy stretching back decades. Shortly after the introduction of the Compass H28, a passionate group of owners came together to form the H28 Yacht Owners' Association, a bond that remains strong to this day. Read More

Join the Kiwi Cup fundraiser!

Support one of our Westhaven sailing community organisations by purchasing a ticket for the Kiwi Cup Raffle and be in to win a trip to Barcelona for the 37th America’s Cup!

When you buy a ticket, nominate the community organisation you’d like to support, and $10 from every ticket sale will go directly to them. Head to kiwicup.co.nz to buy your ticket and show your support. Read More


The Auckland Festival of Photography is a city-wide contemporary art and cultural event featuring work from emerging and established artists. As part of the event, eight slim line lightboxes will be installed on Karanga Plaza in Wynyard Quarter to feature curated work. Read More