Customer satisfaction surveys – 2023 and 2024

2023 survey – your feedback addressed

In response to some of the suggestions we received in last year's customer satisfaction survey, we have been taking steps to improve our laundry and shower facilities. As part of this ongoing effort, we are in the process of transitioning to a cashless payment system and anticipate having new machines installed by the end of June.

To accommodate this upgrade, we have developed a customised unit within the Ponsonby Cruising Club laundry, specifically designed to accommodate the cashless payment system. Here's a sneak peek of what the setup will look like.

The unit will issue a swipe card (credit card size) upon your first use, which can then be used to activate each washer or dryer as needed and reloaded with credit multiple times.

2024 survey

We are grateful to the 480 customers who took the time to participate in our 2024 customer satisfaction survey. The results reveal a consistently high level of overall customer satisfaction, with 93% of respondents rating Westhaven Marina at five or higher on a one-to-seven-point scale.

Key highlights from the 2024 survey include:

  • Staff satisfaction: We're pleased to report a 2% increase in overall satisfaction with our marina staff compared to the previous year, reaching 93%.
  • Personal safety: There's continued high overall satisfaction with personal safety, with 97% of customers expressing contentment with these services, up 2% from 2023.
  • Facilities: We've seen a notable 4% increase in overall satisfaction with our marina facilities compared to the previous year, achieving a rating of 91%.
  • Communication: Our communication efforts have seen significant improvements across all metrics. Email remains the most useful communication method at 93% (up 2% from 2023), followed by direct communication with staff at 83% (up 1% from 2023), and our newsletter at 80% (up 1% from 2023). Additionally, the ease of finding information from Westhaven Marina has increased from 83% in 2022 to 89% in 2023 and further to 90% this year.

The insights gathered from the survey serve as a valuable tool for identifying areas where we can improve our services and optimise operational performance. We take note of recurring themes within the feedback each year, and actively address and report on these matters via our marina newsletters. Over the past two years, we have made enhancements to our toilet and shower facilities, resulting in improved satisfaction scores (a 9% increase in the condition of toilets rating from 2023, and a 6% increase in the condition of showers rating from 2023).

All completed surveys were entered into a draw to win one of five $50 vouchers redeemable at one of our fantastic marina businesses. We'll be reaching out to the lucky winners shortly.