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Westhaven Marina has long been known as the hub of yacht racing.


Westhaven Marina has long been known as the hub of yacht racing. We are able to offer Yacht/Boat Club members access to our piers by proximity cards.

If you are: 

  • a crew member on boats in Westhaven Marina and
  • a member of a yacht/boating club you can apply for a proximity card.

Should your application be accepted and approved you will be issued with a proximity card that will provide you with access to all piers at Westhaven Marina.
The proximity card costs $30 (incl GST). The card will be registered to the name on the application form. If lost, the Westhaven Marina Office must be contacted immediately and the access card will be stopped.


  • The card is not transferable and must be used by the registered owner only.
  • The charge is $30 and is not refundable.
  • If you lose the card, please report it to the Marina Office immediately.
  • Proximity cards are available for persons who use the marina on a recreational basis. If you wish to undertake work or any other commercial activity, you must register as a contractor.
  • The proximity card is valid for one year and can be re-activated by reregistering each 12 months.
  • Please use the white parking spaces. The yellow spaces are for the exclusive use of boat owners.
  • Westhaven Marina reserves the right to cancel the card at any time.

To apply please please complete the application form here, enter your personal details and provide photo ID (e.g. drivers licence) and your club membership card, and send to 

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