H28 Yacht Owners' Association

H28 Yacht Owners' Association of New Zealand – Celebrating 50 years of yachting 

The H28 has long been a feature of the New Zealand yachting scene, with its legacy stretching back decades. Shortly after the introduction of the Compass H28, a passionate group of owners came together to form the H28 Yacht Owners' Association, a bond that remains strong to this day. Now, as they mark their 50th anniversary, the association proudly presents ‘50 Years Under Sail’, a commemorative book celebrating the H28's introduction to New Zealand's waters from 1974 to 2024.

‘50 Years Under Sail’ pays homage to the legacy of Herreshoff’s H28 yacht, a vessel that not only graced New Zealand's seascape with its elegant design but also fostered a tight-knit community of sailing enthusiasts over the past half century. Within its pages, readers will discover:

  • A biography of L. Francis Herreshoff, the visionary behind the original 1942 H28 design
  • The compelling story of New Zealand's own Compass H28 and its impact on local sailing culture
  • A global perspective on H28 variants, showcasing the yacht's universal appeal
  • A lively recounting of the New Zealand H28 Association's activities on and off the water over the past five decades
  • Engaging profiles and anecdotes from a diverse array of H28 owners, sharing remarkable voyages, cherished memories, and amusing tales.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the H28 Yacht Owners' Association will host a gala dinner in August 2024. Esteemed boatbuilder Grant Mitchell of Compass Yachts and sailing legend Penny Whiting MBE will be honoured guests at the event. The evening promises to be a memorable celebration filled with stories, tributes, and a shared passion for the H28. Please email Jane Church at 50@h28.org.nz if you are interested in attending the gala dinner.

Pre-order special: Secure your copy of ‘50 Years Under Sail’ by pre-ordering now at a discounted price of $35 (+ $10 postage). Reach out to Evelyn Gauntlett at tropicbird2016@gmail.com to reserve your copy today.