Construction and maintenance update May 2024

Westhaven Seawall Upgrade progress update

The upgrade to the seawall along Westhaven's northern reclamation began in early March under the guidance of Eke Panuku. This project aims to address the challenges posed by adverse weather events and king tides, which have led to significant inundation in the area.

Current construction status:

In April, John Fillmore Contracting (JFC) initiated underground utilities ducting and drainage works in the area. Progress is being made in phases, with completion expected for this portion of the project by the end of May.

Following the utilities upgrades, JFC will shift focus to the seawall reconstruction. This involves demolishing footpaths, installing stormwater outfalls, constructing a new precast wall, establishing raingardens and reconstructing footpaths.

The planned relocation of three pōhutukawa trees is scheduled to take place shortly. To ensure safety, the site area will be temporarily expanded for approximately one week while this takes place.

Traffic management:

Temporary traffic management measures, including a 10km/h speed limit, have been implemented to ensure the safety of work crews, pedestrians and motorists.

Westhaven Drive has been reduced to a single lane, with two-way traffic being regulated by a traffic light system. Given the complexity of traffic flow, ongoing adjustments are being made to optimise traffic flow prioritisation. Please be aware that the traffic lights operate on sensors, requiring vehicles to stop within close proximity for detection.

We appreciate your patience during these improvement efforts.

Fire alarm system upgrade

You might have noticed contractors installing cables along certain piers to accommodate an upgrade to our fire alarm system, which includes all call points and sirens. This effort is in response to the fire alarm system on our piers reaching the end of its operational life, necessitating replacement.

The traditional tower-style call points will be replaced with modern stainless steel pedestals. The upgraded system will feature one to two speakers per pier, capable of broadcasting fire alarm alerts, as well as voice messages.

The replacement is progressing pier by pier, and contractors have made good progress, completing cabling installation along all the piers. The cables across these piers are now being connected to cabinets.

Following the completion of the cable installation, all technical and system connections to fire panels will be carried out and commissioned. The project is scheduled for completion by mid-June 2024.

The contractors are doing their best to minimise disruption for pier users during the upgrade process.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as this project progresses.


In addition to our regular maintenance schedule, the following tasks have recently been completed or are currently underway:

Pier gangways: An order has been made for the installation of new safety panels on all our pier gangways. These aluminium mesh panels are designed to eliminate gaps along the sides, effectively deterring children or animals from climbing through. This upgrade is scheduled for implementation over the next few months, and will ensure that all our gangways adhere to the highest industry standards.

Pier refurbishment: The refurbishment of C pier is now complete, with the exception of the 'T head' awaiting timber. Additionally, refurbishments for D, P, Q, R, and M piers are completed, while work on N pier is currently underway. Our contractors have implemented a health and safety plan for this work. Please exercise caution when near their work sites and follow their instructions.

Blackwater pumps: The marina's blackwater pumps have undergone refurbishment, including improvements to their pipework. Additionally, a new and improved aluminium charcoal filter system has been installed to replace the previously damaged plastic ones. In addition to these upgrades, various ongoing maintenance tasks are underway for the pump-out systems, such as the installation of new vacuum pump housings and adjustments to their programming aimed at reducing wear and tear on the pumps.

Dinghy racks: We have recently relocated the dinghy rack deck from the end of U pier as the steel substructure has reached the end of its service life. This involves some minor reconfiguration at the end of U pier, including the relocation of the CCTV pole. The new dinghy racks are now positioned north of the AB pier walkway, considerably closer to the pile moorings.

Lighting: We've installed new lighting bollards along the southern end of the main pontoon walkway as depicted in the image below.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to develop our marina facilities.