Evie the electric inflatable

Evocean and Westhaven Marina have joined forces for a trial, introducing a 5.5m custom-built fully electric patrol boat, replacing one of the petrol-powered boats in our fleet. The propulsion system, developed and constructed in New Zealand, utilises a standard inflatable boat as the platform and has undergone full surveying and approval.

Equipped with twin 10kW ePropulsion outboard motors and a 22kW lithium battery pack, Evie boasts the capability to undertake any task quietly and emission-free. The onboard battery pack sustains Evie for nine hours at the marina's speed limit of five knots and can be fully recharged in six hours.

An electric boat is proving to be ideal for in-marina patrolling and security operations. Patrol boats often spend considerable time idling, leading to fuel wastage, increased emissions, and accelerated wear and tear on petrol engines not optimised for stop-start operation.