Environment & Sustainability

Westhaven Marina takes pride in upholding a clean environment and achieved international Blue Flag status for 2017/18, for the twelfth consecutive year. 


Water quality 

Westhaven Marina manages a rigorous program of water testing. This enables us to pinpoint any areas of contamination and to look for trends. We are working collaboratively with other teams in Auckland Council to improve water quality in the short, medium and long term. 

Marine pests 

Mediterranean fanworm is known to be well established in Auckland, and we help to ensure that our customers understand the importnace of keeping a clean hull, and don't carry it with them on their travels to pristine areas such as Northland or Coromandel. Right now we are working closely with the Biosecurity team at Auckland Council, the Ministry of Primary Industries, and the Copthorne Institute to trial two new technologies. 

Best practice for wastewater 

Westhaven Marina is a 'no discharge zone' and we have taken a hard line on any black water discharges from vessels into the marina. Sewerage removal facilities have been installed on berths in new developments, and for commercial vessels to use. The Floating Dock service is also now connected to reticulated sewage, enabling boat owners to safely clean their vessels in a convenient location. Through our newsletters and website we are helping customers understand the best way to handle disposal of both black and grey water from their boats. 

Under our carparks

Devices designed to reduce toxins from motorway run off, Westhaven Drive and the carpark, lie underneath our carpark to help filter and clean water. These are a great first line of defence against water pollution. 


Here are some of the other ways that Westhaven Marina takes care of our environment:

  • We provide and promote recycling facilities close to every pier, including oil & oil filters
  • We run educational activities throughout the year and participate in Seaweek
  • We  support the Foundation for Environmental Education
  • We collect and dispose of rubbish from the sea wall that drifts in from the harbour
  • Westhaven is a ‘no discharge’ zone – no sewage or pollutants should enter the water here 
  • We don’t allow hull maintenance – in particular scrubbing or scraping
  • We provide a place for the Watercare Harbour Clean Up Trust vessel to berth
  • We provide information relating to local eco-systems and marine reserves
  • We support the sustainable fishing organisation, LegaSea.

Help support the preservation of our marine environment and obtain a Blue Flag for your boat. Visit www.blueflag.global or contact the marina office.

The marina has been independently assessed and certified as a Clean Marina since 2011 under an international accreditation system designed to encourage environmental best practice in all marina operations, and remains so today. The NZ Clean Marina programme is an industry-led initiative developed by the NZ Marina Operators Association to encourage maritime users, including boatyards, contractors and boaties to play their part in protecting coastal and inland water quality. Click here to find out more about the Clean Boating programme.