Clean Hulls mean Clean Waters

Takere Mā, Wai Mā

Biofouling and invasive pest species are major threats to our marine environment.

As a boat operator, you can help stop their spread by following the rules contained in the Auckland Unitary Plan, The Regional Pest Management Plan 2020-2030 and the Hauraki Gulf Controlled Area Notice. This will Help stop the spread of pests in two ways:

1. Cleaning you hull in places and ways that stops pests getting into the sea.

2. Limiting fouling on your hull to stop pests 'hitch-hiking' into uncontaminated areas or transferring from your vessel to others ('passive dischargers')


The Auckland Unitary Plan is here

Information on Marine Pests in NZ waters visit Marinebiosecurity website

For information on marine pests see the Clean below? Good to go website here

For resources for boat owners on how you can help control the spread see here

For the update rules for 2021 and how they affect you see here, or the Auckland Council Marine Biosecurity team 09 301 0101 or

The Westhaven Marina Diving Regulations see here