Maintenance guideline

Te Aratohu mō te Tiakitanga

This guideline is provided to guide Marina users and contractors as to what maintenance works are acceptable on a vessel within Westhaven Marina.

No maintenance activities are to be undertaken where the activity is likely to impact on the enjoyment of other Marina users or the coastal marine environment.

If you are unsure if potential works are appropriate or allowed it is essential that you contact the Marina Office and ask. The office will happily guide you.

Maintenance works should be conducted from within the confines of the vessel and should not be undertaken on the walkway or finger pier of any berth. Maintenance guidelines can be downloaded here


• Sand or Grit Blasting
• Spray Painting
• Repairs that turn into major repairs
• Complete tenting of a vessel
• Welding or Angle Grinding, or power cutting of steel
• Major Laminate or major fiberglass repairs

Only Minor Maintenance is to be undertaken in the Marina and includes works such as: (this list is a sample only of items that could be completed)

• Engine servicing/Oil change
• Boat Cleaning or Polishing
• Air-conditioning repair or servicing
• Electrical or Plumbing repairs
• Brush painting; only during calm weather conditions to a total area of less than 3 meters square (3m²)
• External Power Sanding may only be conducted with a suitable extraction device (manufacturer attached) and or hand sanding only on a small area of not more than 3m² in total, and not for a total period in excess of more than 30 minutes.


• Materials cannot be stored on the walkway or finger piers.
• No materials or substances created from repair or maintenance activities are to be allowed to enter the marine environment (including dust).
• There is to be no dumping of large items of unwanted hardware in the rubbish bins. If you have large items to dispose of please contact Marina staff and they will arrange to dispose of the larger items.
• Trolleys should not be used to carry/transport oils, paints, resins, epoxies without suitable protection from spills such as a liner.

The Marina may stop any works it deems not of a minor nature or is interfering unreasonably with other users of the Marina, or that does not comply with this policy.

Any damage to other vessels, the Marina pontoons or any other property is the responsibility of the person conducting the maintenance.


All contracted tradesmen must conduct their work in accordance with all rules and regulations including the relevant OSH legislation and Marina Rules. All Contractors must carry their own third party liability insurance and ship repairers insurance (as appropriate). A copy of this insurance policy is to be provided to the Marina prior to any contractor commencing works. The responsibility lies with the vessel owner to first confirm that the contractor has suitable Third Party Insurance cover and existing approved access to the Marina.

A List of registered contractors is available here.