Kayaks and paddleboards in St Mary's Bay

St Mary's Bay is a great place to launch kayaks and paddleboards, and to enjoy using them in sheltered waters. However, the Westhaven Precinct includes several working marinas, refueling facilities, and berthage for big boats, so there is some important safety information that we'd like you to understand.


You are very welcome to launch at Westhaven. Please launch from the pontoon adjacent to the toilets at Z Pier, or use the public boat ramp. If you have arrived by car, please use the pay and display spaces at the Z Pier Charterbase carpark. 


Make sure you check the weather forecast, and that you are familiar with the maritime rules for recreational boating. Under the new Navigation Safety Bylaw, it is compulsory in Auckland to wear a lifejacket onboard any vessel under 6m in length. 


St Mary's Bay is regularly used by Dragon boats, SUP, Sailability and the Ponsonby Sailing School. Please take care not to interrupt their activities and events. From time to time bigger events are also held in the bay.

If you are wanting to make a booking to use St Mary's bay area for a group, please contact us


Westhaven is a busy precinct with many boats coming and going. To protect the safety and security of vessels under our care, and for your own safety, please enjoy paddling within St Mary's Bay, and make use the transiting zone up the main fairway to Westhaven's eastern entrance.

For your own safety, and in order to protect the vessels within our care, Westhaven Marina itself is out of bounds to vessels that are not berth holders, and so are the berthage and wharf areas on the western side of Wynyard Quarter, including the structures around Silo Marina and Silo Park. For details, please download this map depicting the Westhaven Transiting Area. Westhaven Marina is also part of a no anchoring zone

Have a great time, and be safe.