Westhaven News - April 2022

2022 Eke Panuku Sustainable Action Award announced

The Kai Ika Project is a nose-to-tail solution to deal with post-filleting fish parts in Auckland. Since 2016 previously unwanted fish offcuts have been collected and distributed to families and community groups who value these parts of the fish. Read More

New staff introduction

Israel (Izzy) Paterson is our newest Customer Service Representative to join the team. Izzy has a strong ICT background previously studying for a bachelor's in information communications technology at UCOL in Palmerston North before taking a break to move north to Auckland. Izzy has a strong customer service history and is a welcome addition to the front office team. 

Meet our new edition to the environmental team!

Keep your eye out when you are around Westhaven Marina for this! Our latest addition to the team is an uncrewed surface vehicle that will allow for fast and easy deployment for any environmental issues such as oil spills and rubbish clean up. 

Good Sorts of our Treasured Gulf Islands

A highlight of our summer cruise was our visit to Rotoroa Island and our chance meeting with the Rotoroa Island Trust’s Ranger Glen. As Island Manager, he and his wife Milly look after everything from biosecurity to welcoming visitors off the ferry and guided walks. Read More

Fire safety reminder

A recent fire at Pine Harbour Marina highlighted why the marina is so strict on compliance. The total damage to vessels from this fire was more than 4 million dollars including damage to neighboring vessels, salvage, and environmental clean-up costs. To keep our boats safe, we have measures in place: 

  • All vessels in the marina must have protection and indemnity insurance (to cover any third-party loss caused by the Customer, its Invitees, or its Vessel) for at least $5,000,000 per event or claim. 
  • Westhaven Marina currently requires that any Contractor registered with the marina and granted access to the marina hold current public liability and ship repairers' insurance policies, with a minimum of $2 million cover per claim under each policy. 
  • Any vessel connected to Westhaven electrical power connections must be compliant with a current EWOF (Electrical Warrant of Fitness) and Test Tag. 
  • FENZ (Fire and Emergency New Zealand) liaise with the marina regularly, and we operate fire drills in the marina regularly. 

What to do in case of a fire:  

  1. Operate any alarm on the pier (this will release the gate locks and alert the fire service).  
  2. Tell others on the pier of the danger – shout! 
  3. Call 111 and advise the location 
  4. Exit to the shore or seaward end of the pier (marina staff will pick up those at the end of the pier)  
  5. Call the marina on 0800 MARINAS from your cell phone or VHF 13. 
  6. Personal safety comes first! Get off the pier and tell others to do the same.

Construction and Maintenance update 

On the Water 
U pier refurbishment: With the repairs and refurbishment on S pier almost completed, the next pier to undergo refurbishment will be U pier. Trevor from the Customer Service team will be in touch to relocate vessels off the berths to allow the work to be completed. Please work with us to ensure a smooth process and ensure there are no hold ups. If you are planning to have your boat away at all, please let us know! info@westhaven.co.nz 

AA, S1 & AB pier: AA and S1 piers are now complete and fully allocated out to customers, and AB pier is well under construction and will be ready to be used over the winter.  

On the Land
The northern reclamation area has now had its settling-in period and will be ready for permanent works to start. After Easter weekend the area will be cleared out and the permanent construction will begin. This work is planned to be completed over winter to minimise disruption to customers. 

At Z Pier
We have just successfully installed the Man Overboard system on our commercial charter base.  https://manoverboard.net.au/ The system was created to save lives and fill a gap in the market. No system of its kind had been commercially available before, and it is a simple solution for marina owners/operators to mitigate the risk of someone falling in the water from the dock or boat at berth. An alarm system can be easily triggered by the person overboard if they are unable to retrieve themselves from the water. A great addition to our piers that are open to the public.

City of Colours will be held at Westhaven Marina

The Auckland Dragon boats Association is hosting an event in St Marys Bay on Saturday 14 May 2022. This event will highlight the dragon boats out on the water, and there will be a light festival, food stalls and entertainment in the vicinity. Keep an eye out for more information! 

Security Cameras

Did you know? Westhaven Marina has a comprehensive set up of 147 CCTV cameras, providing security and surveillance 24/7 from Curran Street right throughout the marina to Z pier. Footage is recorded in case of an event or security incident, and the police can ask for access to this at any time.