July Construction and Maintenance Update

Dear Westhaven community,

Despite all the rain and blustery weather, the projects happening within Westhaven are progressing well. We thought you might like an update on how things are tracking.

As always, please let us know if you have any queries about any of these projects.

Kind regards,
The Westhaven Marina team

Reclamation update

Construction of the reclamation car park is moving ahead, with works now complete on the underground services, as well as the piling that will support the cantilevered promenade along the southern edge of the reclamation.

The contractor has also made good progress with installing the light pole foundations and rain gardens within the new car park.

The focus is now on creating a retaining wall along the reclamation’s western and southern boundaries. Once the retaining wall is complete, rocks will be placed along the seawall to fill in the gaps between piles.

The construction site and laydown area encompass the new reclamation as well as a portion of the existing eastern car park area. The contractor is doing their best to minimise the reduction of existing car parks; however some car parks will be unavailable at times throughout the construction period.

Access to A, AA and AB piers remains available via BC gate for the duration of the project.

AB gate, at the end of the reclamation, will be installed in conjunction with the permanent car park works and will be available for use once construction is complete.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while this project continues.

F pier refurbishment

We’re pleased to advise the refurbishment of F pier is complete.

Thanks again to the F pier berth occupants for your patience while this work was delivered.

F1 pier refurbishment

Refurbishment work on F1 pier is well underway and we expect this to be completed sometime in August 2023.

Thanks to the berth occupants who have relocated while this work is underway.

GH gate

Excellent news – the new GH gate is now available for use! The temporary access to G and H piers via the F1 pier gate will be removed shortly.

Thank you for your patience while this work was completed. We hope you enjoy your new gate!

Fire alarm system upgrade

The fire alarm system for our piers has reached the end of its operational life and is being replaced. The upgrade is currently on hold while the contractor waits for a building consent to deliver the next stage of the works. We expect work to continue in August and there should be minimal disruption to pier users.