Westhaven News Spring edition 2023

Team update

Over the past few months, we've had the pleasure of adding some fantastic new members to our team. Jackie Smith and Archie Inwood have joined us as dockmasters, and we've also welcomed Adrian Naicker as our newest marina operations cadet. Our cadet programme plays a crucial role in our succession planning, ensuring a versatile and skilled workforce for our marina.

Additionally, Fergus Kennedy has come aboard as our marina systems administrator, contributing to our team's efficiency and performance. If you see Jackie, Archie, Adrian, or Fergus around Westhaven, please don't hesitate to give them a warm welcome.

Customer satisfaction survey 2023 – your feedback addressed

We would like to express our gratitude once again to the 461 customers who participated in our annual customer satisfaction survey. Your valuable feedback has been reviewed, allowing us to identify key themes and areas that require improvement. Two specific aspects we have looked at so far are:

  1. Newsletter frequency

In response to your feedback, we have decided to make a change. Instead of our previous bi-monthly newsletters, we're transitioning to seasonal newsletters. This adjustment will allow us to provide content that is more tailored to the boating experience in each season.

  1. Improving laundry and shower facilities

We're exploring options to enhance our laundry and shower facilities. For those of you who have utilised our Ponsonby Cruising Club or T pier facilities within the last year, you should have received an email containing a link to a brief five-question survey. Taking a few moments to answer these questions would assist us in making well-informed decisions.

Your input is greatly appreciated and instrumental in our efforts to serve you better. We will keep you informed about other changes we’re looking to make in future newsletters.

Sustainable environment – marine biosecurity – random hull checks

Keeping a pest free boat means maintaining a clean hull to stop marine pests from hitching a ride and a cabin free of pests like mice and ants, which can spread from one place to another when you are on the move.

In Auckland, the level of fouling on your hull and in niches of any craft must not exceed ‘light fouling’. This means no more than a slime layer and scattered barnacles on the hull. This applies to any boat in the Auckland area – moving or not. It includes any niches such as inlets, outlets, rudders or propellers. The species of fouling doesn’t matter to this measurement: total coverage must be no more than 5%. However, if pest species are present then you must not move the craft to a new location as this will involve communicating (moving) the pest too.

Hull checks can happen anytime, anywhere, and you can expect the rules to be enforced, particularly for boats that are moving to areas such as the outer Gulf islands, west coast and other areas that are currently relatively free from marine pests.

Auckland Council’s biosecurity team intends to conduct random hull inspections at both Viaduct and Silo marinas in the near future. Additionally, they are likely to visit Westhaven Marina during the summer months.

For more information about marine biosecurity, please visit Auckland Council’s website here.

Westhaven Seawall Upgrade – project update

We last updated you about the planned upgrade to the Westhaven seawall back in April when the project was in the detailed design phase. As a brief recap, the project aims to achieve the following:

  • A revamped seawall, designed to effectively dissipate waves and offer protection against coastal flooding
  • Enhancements to the waterfront area, creating a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space that complements the existing Westhaven Marina development
  • Design and ecological opportunities through mana whenua partnership, including increased planting
  • Improvements to the connection with the surrounding environment, particularly for pedestrians
  • Future-proofing of infrastructure and services in the vicinity.

Throughout this project, we have been working in partnership with mana whenua, and engaging with key stakeholders including the northern reclamation yacht clubs and businesses, Westhaven Marina Users Association, and St Mary’s Bay Association.

Since our last update, several milestones have been achieved:

  • The project's design has been finalised
  • A dive survey of the area was commissioned to quantify ecological features and we are engaging with mana whenua about how to maximise ecological development opportunities on both land and water
  • Resource consent was obtained in September 2023
  • We are in process of selecting a construction partner for the project.

Our current focus is on planning the construction work in alignment with funding of the wider waterfront development programme and other relevant constraints.

Construction and maintenance update

In addition to our regular maintenance programme, the following ongoing work is currently underway:

  • We are progressively servicing the pier ID signs on the outer piles, replacing the batteries in the solar charging systems and installing new LED lights. Each sign requires temporary removal for this work to be carried out. Once they are refurbished, we will reinstall them and proceed to the next set.
  • We are enhancing the watertightness of all electric sliding gates to bolster their reliability in the demanding saltwater environment.
  • Refurbishment works on C pier will begin in late October. This will involve replacing through-rods in the fingers, refitting dock hardware, and installing plastic pile sleeves. Our contractors will have a health and safety plan in place while the work is underway. Please take extra care when approaching and passing their work site and follow any instructions they provide.
  • Reconstruction of all the blackwater pumps within the marina is currently underway, which also involves the replacement of certain hose lines.
  • We are currently replacing various piles within the marina that are at the end of their lifespan.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we undertake this work.

Reclamation update

Construction of the reclamation car park is progressing well, and the project is now in its final stages.

The car park has been asphalted, and speed tables are currently under construction. The next step involves applying line markings.

The structural aspect of the cantilevered promenade along the southern edge of the reclamation has been completed, and timber decking will be installed in November.

The contractor is now focussed on shaping the open space, which involves creating the path and lawn area, as well as installing lighting, trolley bays, rubbish enclosures and furniture.

Access to A, AA and AB piers remains available via BC gate for the duration of the project.

The AB gate, located at the end of the reclamation, will be installed in coordination with the final works, and will be available for use once construction is complete.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as this project progresses.

Fire alarm system upgrade

The fire alarm system for our piers has reached the end of its operational life and is about to be replaced.

After receiving the eagerly anticipated building consent earlier this month, work on the piers is set to continue in November. The replacement process will proceed pier by pier, commencing at Z pier and concluding at AB pier. Due to certain aspects of the work being tide-dependent, the project will extend into 2024. We anticipate that these upgrades will cause minimal disruption to pier users.

Security update

As part of a CCTV project that is underway across Eke Panuku managed waterfront areas, 11 older cameras and 34 analogue cameras are about to be replaced in Westhaven Marina throughout November/December. We expect downtime to the cameras to be minimal with little disruption from the work.


PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic – 20 October 2023

Dubbed by some as ‘The Great Race North’, the Coastal Classic is a challenging (119 nautical miles long) coastal race – one of the biggest of its kind in the world, and it has long marked the opening of the summer sailing season for many Kiwi boaties.

This year’s race began today, Friday 20 October, starting off from Devonport Wharf in Auckland and finishing at Russell Wharf in the Bay of Islands. Described as a drag race, it can be a sprint for the fastest boats who can finish in less than six hours, or a marathon for the crew on boats that take more than 24 hours to reach Russell.

More information about this event can be found on the Coastal Classic website here.

Run the City Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Marathon – 29 October 2023

The Run the City Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Marathon will take place on the morning of Sunday 29 October 2023.

The marathon will attract more than 15,000 participants, which means that temporary road closures and parking restrictions will need to be in place across the waterfront and city centre. Information about where and when the parking restrictions and road closures will be in place can be found on the Auckland Marathon website here.

Please note: Charter passengers will have access to Z pier up until 6.15am at the latest on the event day. If there are any issues on the day passengers/charter operators should contact the organiser by calling (09) 601 9590.

The event organiser would like to thank all berth holders for your co-operation and support of this major signature event for Auckland.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the organiser by calling (09) 601 9590 or emailing aucklandmarathon@ironman.com.

Ocean Globe Race 2023 – arriving in Auckland December 2023

The Ocean Globe Race is an eight-month adventure around the world for ordinary sailors on normal yachts. Starting in Southampton last month, over 160 sailors set off from Ocean Village aboard the 15 yachts to complete the 27,000-mile sprint around the globe, spread across four legs, taking in the Southern Ocean and the three great capes.

Onboard the privately-owned, pre-1988 classic sailing boats, the international, mixed-gender crews will have no GPS, no high-tech equipment and no computers. They will navigate using only a sextant, paper charts and the stars with all communications by HF SSB radios.

Stopovers will include Cape Town, Auckland and Punta del Este, before finishing back in Southampton in April 2024. It is exciting that Auckland is hosting the race's third stopover. We expect them to arrive here in December 2023 and they will be berthed in Jellicoe Harbour until mid-January 2024.

More information about this event can be found on the Ocean Globe Race website here.