Westhaven News - September 2021

Meet the team – Dockmasters team part 3

Carl - Our longstanding nightwatchman, Carl, has been with Westhaven for many years. Always working hard and following the process, he is a valuable team member that enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Natalia - Joining us in 2018, outdoor enthusiast Nat loves to get out on the water. An advocate for local wildlife and the natural environment, Westhaven is a great space for her to share her passion, her enthusiasm and get stuck in as a valuable member of the team.

Sam joined Westhaven just in time to help walk the piers during the 36th America's Cup. He is working part-time to build up his experience while he completes his studies at Maritime School. He has also previously worked at Chaffers Marina down in Wellington.

Ben - Some of you may recognise Ben, he has been a skipper on boats at Z pier for some time and he has also done a lot of work for Seacleaners. Keeping the harbour and marina clean is important to Ben and we are glad to have him on the team.

Sustainable Environment

5 ways to reduce your environmental impact at Westhaven Marina:

  1. Separate your rubbish and recycling
    Look for the yellow lids in all the bin bays around the marina and put your mixed recycling in there to stop it from going to landfill.
  2. Use eco boat soaps
    This is an easy switch to make, next time you stop by the yacht chandlery to get a top up on those washdown suds – opt for the eco-friendly option and help do your part for the environment.
  3. Donate used fishing gear
    Do you have old rods, hooks, or tackle sitting around collecting dust? Instead of throwing it in the bin, why not donate it to the Let them Fish initiative. (For more information ask our friendly staff).
  4. Dispose of old oil properly
    Find one of our used oil collection points around the marina and dispose of any waste oil in there. This helps to ensure it doesn’t end up contaminating our beautiful Aotearoa!
  5. Keep it all “ship-shape”!
    By maintaining a clean bilge onboard, you can be sure that no oil, fuel or pollutants will accidentally be pumped overboard and into the sea. Making sure you have a clean hull below the waterline is equally important and ensures that no invasive pests can grow onboard and move around the Hauraki Gulf with you.

Disposing of hazardous waste

Westhaven provides disposal facilities for used engine oil and these are located near your pier gate. At most of these locations we have put recycle bins for used oil filters. Occasionally we have customers ask where they can dispose of dirty petrol, solvent and paint. Disposal of these products is not provided at the marina due to the risks that storage of these materials pose to safety and the environment.

Hazardous waste can be taken to the Waitakere transfer station resource recovery centre. A minimal fee applies. The transfer station is located at 50 The Concourse, Henderson. Directions – from Westhaven it is 25mins driving time via West End Rd - Meola Rd and SH16. Turn off at Lincoln Rd and right to Selwood Rd and The Concourse.

Flares are another item that should be disposed of with care. Burnsco Marine will accept and dispose of expired flares without charge. LPG cylinders (closed), fire extinguishers and batteries can be left in the collection area at your pier gate for Westhaven staff to collect and recycle.

Your feedback from annual survey responses addressed

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our customer service survey. The response rate was 33% of berth owners and renters, and a score of 94% overall satisfaction with Westhaven Marina was received. 

Feedback received, responses and actions:

After hours contact details: The marina is staffed 24/7, 365 days per year, including all levels of Covid19 lockdowns. The best way to contact staff is 0800 MARINA (0800 627 462), this is directly diverted to the dockmaster’s mobile phones when the office is closed. Alternatively, VHF Channel 13 is also monitored 24/7, the dockmaster’s always have their VHFs on them.

Toilet, shower, and laundry facilities: Survey respondents commented on the facilities - mainly age, condition and cleanliness. We are currently undergoing a full review of all the facilities in the marina and are looking at replacing the oldest facilities first and working around the marina to upgrade all the facilities. We would like to remind users that if there is an issue of cleanliness or a malfunction, please contact Marina staff who will log an urgent request with AIM. 

Trolleys: Another popular topic among respondents. Part of the dockmaster’s daily shift duties is to ensure that there are sufficient trolleys at each trolley bay, and they are clean and in good working order. Please remember if you are using the trolleys to return them to the trolley bays after use. If you notice any issues, please contact the marina staff and they will assist. After the survey we have refurbished 15 trolleys, so they are all in good working order now. In addition, we have now ordered an additional 15 new trolleys, so we hope this helps with availability.  

Construction Update

Even though all construction has stopped in level 4, your dedicated maintenance team continues to maintain essential services within the marina including Power, Water, and Wastewater.  

When we head into Level 3 the pier refurbishment program will start up once again and the work to complete the construction of the new AA pier will be able to take place so the pier can soon be used.

EWOF Reminder

We are keen to remind our boat users to check their expiry dates on their shore power leads and EWOF. When you get either of these updated, please remember to send the office a picture by emailing info@westhaven.co.nz If you have any questions regarding electrical compliance, please call us on 0800 MARINAS.

Customer service office opening

Normally from Labour Day until Easter weekend we would adopt our peak season schedule and open the Westhaven Marina office on Saturdays for customer service support. However, due to the lack of demand last season (we had an average of three physical visitors come into the office on a Saturday over this period) we have decided to remain closed on Saturdays going forward.

The Westhaven Marina Office will remain open Monday – Thursday 7:30am to 5:00pm, and Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm. The Westhaven team are fully equipped and will still be on hand to assist with any enquiries and on site 24/7 to help you out with all your requirements.

Sustainability and the Marine Sector

Sustainability is a top priority at the moment, with many looking for ways to ensure they are contributing to a sustainable future. In 2019, Cabinet agreed to accede to Annex VI, subject to undertaking a National Interest Assessment. This assessment was completed in June 2020 and it was recommended that accession to Annex VI was in New Zealand’s interests. It is aimed at reducing harmful ship emissions that affect the climate and public health. As part of this change the industry will need to use low sulphur fuel. Luckily for New Zealand the fuel that is refined at Marsden Point Oil Refinery is all low sulphur. GOfuel provide fuel to many in the marine sector and are aware of the importance of providing sustainable products. There are a range of products available that help reduce your carbon footprint.

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