Westhaven News - February 2021

Welcome to the first edition of the Westhaven Marina newsletter for 2021. In this issue:

  • Parking update
  • Meet the customer experience team
  • Electrical regulations and requirements
  • Emergency reminders
  • Biosecurity update
  • Motorbike parking
  • WIN!! Competitions open for entry now!


Z pier car park and launch ramp is now pay by plate. This is designed to eliminate issues with lost parking tickets and issues with machines. Now if using Z pier, you simply need to just park, go to the machine and enter your licence plate and payment details, then walk away to your destination.
In addition to this, we have just introduced a new payment App called INUGO (available on Google Play and Apple Store), where the user can manage their timing and costs from their phone, without needing to go to the machine.

One of the most exciting features of this new system is that you can operate the barrier arm (to access the boat ramp) remotely from your phone. If you log into the INUGO App and you’re near the barrier, a big red button will appear on your screen. You just tap it to open the barrier. The system will charge the fee automatically onto your INUGO account, as easy as that!


If you pop into the office, give us a phone call, or send us an email, you’ll be in contact with one of our friendly Customer Service team. Led by Lisa, our Customer Service Team are all here to help. Kelly is our most recent addition; you may recognise her friendly face from the Kiosk on Karanga Plaza. She knows a lot about the Auckland waterfront and she’s especially helpful to those unfamiliar with the area.

First joining us as a Customer Service Representative. Lisa has stepped up to the challenge of Team Leader. Having been a teacher in the UK, she moved over with her husband for a better life and is soon to have one of her children moving over to join her. For more than the past year Toni has brought her can do attitude and her experience has proved to be a real asset to the team.

Some of you may recognise Trevor from when he was with the team a few years ago, or maybe as a driver from his Sandy Jandal Tours business. He was welcomed back to the team last year, and his years of experience has contributed to his ability to problem solve and resolve customer issues.

Trained by Trevor, Alex joined us in 2016. Juggling relocations for pier refurbishments and other marina projects, if you don’t see him in the office staring at spreadsheets he’s probably out with his clipboard or getting an update on the latest Westhaven project.


Sadly, the summer holidays saw several vessel fires reported from around New Zealand, with some boat owners suffering a total loss. While investigations are still underway as to the cause of some of these fires, electrical wiring is a known high-risk cause. To help reduce this very real risk, Westhaven Marina is reviewing regulations and berth holder compliance in relation to EWoF’s and shore power connections.

The Regulations – A reminder
Every boat that is plugged into shore power must have a sticker and certificate for an Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWoF) and a tag of compliance located at the shore end of your shore power lead. An EWoF is an inspection that takes place once every 4 years to ensure your boat is up to current regulation and standards. Once completed a sticker is then placed inside your boat on a window ideally located so it can be viewed from the dock. A tag of compliance is a sticker that is attached to the shore side of your shore power lead to inform everyone that your lead was safe for connection as of the date of inspection, this must be completed annually.

To comply with Electricity Regulations 1997 - AS/NZS 3004; Marina Operators cannot legally supply shore power to a vessel without a current EWoF. Additionally, insurance may not cover your vessel for any events relating to a non-compliant EWoF or Tag. Therefore, the new procedure for both EWoF’s and test tags will be introduced to help make this process run as smoothly as possible.

New Procedure

  • Reminder 1 will be sent out one-month prior to expiry – at this point customers should arrange for their EWoF or test tag to be renewed, once completed we ask that customers send a photograph of the new sticker/tag along with your berth number to info@westhaven.co.nz so we hold an accurate record of compliance in the marina.
  • Reminder 2 will be sent out on expiry - at this point you have 2 weeks to comply or further action will be taken by the marina.
  • 1 week after expiry – Customer Service will call you and follow up. You now have 1 week to comply.
  • 2 weeks after expiry – for an expired EWoF vessels will at this point be UNPLUGGED and disconnected from electrical supply.
  • 2 weeks after expiry - for an expired tag label details of the vessels non-compliance will be forwarded to a nominated electrical contractor who will carry out the necessary inspection on your behalf. $50 will then be charged to your account.

While these measures may seem extreme, we have the safety and security of all the vessels in the marine forefront of our minds. There have been several high-profile marina fires internationally and the speed at which a fire can spread is phenomenal.


In an emergency always call 111. Calling 111 will get information on the nearest locations of defibrillators, and any codes needed to unlock them. Westhaven has defibrillators throughout the Marina - at the Westhaven Office, at the Z pier gate, in the NZ Marine Building, and at the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron.

We have staff who are fully qualified in first aid that are contactable on VHF13 or 0800 MARINAS. Staff are on site 24/7. If you are first on the scene of an emergency, after calling 111, call our team who will be with you ASAP to render assistance. Defibrillator locations pictured above. To find the nearest location anywhere in New Zealand visit aedlocations.co.nz


With the energy and excitement of America’s Cup match racing from the 6th March, Westhaven will be very busy on both land and sea. The race schedule can be found here. With most races due to start around 4pm, the busiest times will be afternoons and evenings on race days. Guest parking will fill up quickly on race days so we encourage carpooling, rideshares and public transport as alternative options to ensure you and your guests can have a fun day out on the water. Remember to log in at permits.westhaven.co.nz to check which vehicle you have registered. Guest parking is also available along Curran Street and in the south western corner between the Marine Village and Promenade Stage 2. The timetable for SeaLink ferries coming in and out of Hamer Street can be found here.


Sustainable Action of The Year Award. Do you or your business go the extra mile to reduce your impact on the environment? The Panuku Marinas ‘Best Sustainable Action of the Year’ award recognises boaties and businesses who are leading by example to protect our coastlines.

If you have a great story to share please submit your entry/nomination to info@westhaven.co.nz by 31 March 2021. The winner will receive a beautiful walnut wood trophy and a feature article in the Westhaven Marina newsletter. The award is also proudly displayed in the Westhaven Marina office and at the NZ Marine ITO graduation ceremony.


We have created some spaces for motorbike parking. These spaces do not require permits and are available at any time. You can find them between Buoy Café and the Marina Office, by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and between Sails Restaurant and NZ Marine.


Regional Pest Management Plan marine provisions came into effect on 25 January 2021. Marine pests are an emerging threat to the region’s marine biodiversity, industries such as aquaculture, and our ability to relax and enjoy summer on the beach. For full details visit OurAuckland.

The main new rule requires boats to have no more than a slime layer and barnacles on the hull. Remember we have Floating Dock Services in the Marina, visit their website for more information. Book online for a lift and clean and use the promo code 'WH biosecurity 2021' and you will go into the draw to get the cost of your service reimbursed. The winner will be drawn on 20 April 2021 and will be contacted by the Marina office. Auckland Council and The Department of Conservation are working together to see how we can protect our harbour. You can help by completing their survey here.


If you’ve taken any photos of you out and about the marina or on the water this summer, we would love to see them. To enter your snaps in our photo competition, please send them to info@westhaven.co.nz

There will be three categories: Out and about Westhaven, love your boat, and summer snaps. Winners of each category will receive a $100 voucher for the Floating Dock (which will come in handy for those hull cleaning needs), and the pictures will be featured in future newsletters. Winners will be announced in the next newsletter so keep your eyes out for the April 2021 edition.