Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Thanks again to the 437 customers who gave feedback in our annual customer service survey. We value your feedback and are working our way through the responses. We’ll address some of the comments/feedback we received through the survey over the next few months. 

Question: Can you provide clarity around visitor parking?  

Answer: Berth holders have access to an online parking portal where parking permits can be issued for guests (under the ‘Guest’ option). Guest permits can be booked in advance, and these are temporary (berth holders select the validity time). Guests can only park in white parking spaces as yellow parking spaces are exclusively for berth holders. Each customer gets the equivalent of 90 hours guest parking time per month. 

White parking spaces are free for public / visitor during weekends and public holidays without time restrictions. This means, if berth holders have guests going out with them for the weekend, they can park in the white zones anytime from 4pm on Fridays up until 8am on Mondays, and you don’t need to register visitor registrations during these times. 

This information can be found on our website here. 

Question: On busy days parking is problematic, what is the marina doing about this?  

Over summer there are many racing events run out of Westhaven, which puts additional pressure on parking. During this period, we remind the yacht clubs and berth holders with crew that the marina is busy and encourage carpooling and/or alternative travel modes for getting to the marina.  

Yellow parking spaces are strictly for berth holders, and parking enforcement teams monitor the area and issue tickets to non-berth holders using these spaces during busy times. 

Some motorcycle parking is available at the marina, and we are monitoring its use to see if more is required. 

We are also starting to install bicycle parking throughout the marina for those who want to save the planet as well as parking spaces by riding their bike to get here! 

 Question: Can you provide a mobile phone app for the car park portal?   

Westhaven Marina custom-developed the current parking portal in conjunction with Premium Parking (no other marina in New Zealand or Australia has the same portal). It’s very expensive to create an app (for both Android and Apple platforms) for only Westhaven Marina users, but we will continue to investigate options for this moving forward. 

In case you’re not aware, you can create a shortcut on your phones home screen to take you straight to the parking portal webpage.  

Question: We have noticed increased public use of Curran Street and the car parking areas overnight and in the weekends, what is Westhaven doing about security? 

Cityguard has been brought on to provide additional security for Westhaven’s public spaces (roads and car parks). In addition to our Dockmasters who are on duty around the clock, four Cityguard security guards are rostered on during the evenings from Thursday to Sunday, and two at all other times, as well as Cityguard’s mobile patrol driving through the marina several times a night.