Getting ready for Skypath

A programme of works is underway to improve Westhaven ahead of the construction of Skypath.  This includes upgrades to the bike path on Curran Street west of the Harbour Bridge, sewers, water supply, and a new seawall. 


What is Skypath?

Skypath is the proposed walkway and cycleway that will be constructed on the Harbour Bridge, with its southern landing point in Westhaven Marina. The Skypath website is an informative source of information about this project. 

The timeframe for construction of Skypath is not yet confirmed, but a set of improvements is underway within Westhaven in order to prepare for it.  



Improvements that will be made include upgrading the space below the Harbour Bridge where Skypath will land, which is also shared with Westhaven's operational maintenance facility. Those cycling and walking in from the west will benefit from an improved cycle path along Curran Street. 

Additionally, Westhaven's water infrastructure; the water main that services much of the North Shore runs through part of Westhaven. A pump station is indicated for Harbour Bridge Park (the green space west of the Habour Bridge), and sewer lines will also be upgraded. 

The Seawall 

In the first weeks of 2018 two major storms coincided with king tides, and the northern part of Westhaven was inundated twice. A new seawall is proposed to alleviate this risk in the future. Running from the Harbour Bridge to the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron, it will provide an additional 1m of height and features a recurved outer edge to reflect incoming waves back to the harbour. 




The current view, and an artist's impression of how the area under the Harbour Bridge will look when Skypath is complete:   Before-and-After.png