Westhaven Marina Is not only the largest marina in the southern hemisphere, it’s also the stage for adventure, competition, relaxation, challenge, and so much more. For many, it’s a kind of home, for others it's a city landmark, and it’s been that way for more than seven decades. More than 2,000 boats of all kinds are based here, it is surrounded by a vibrant marine industry, and nestled within a spectacular marine playground that we know as the Hauraki Gulf. There is no doubt that Westhaven Marina is at the heart of all things boating, and the start and finish point for many nautical adventures and legendary sailing careers. 


Westhaven takes pride in upholding a clean environment, and achieved international Blue Flag status for the tenth consecutive year in 2014/15. As its custodians, Panuku Development Auckland are committed to achieving sustainable development to ensure ecosystems are resilient for future generations of Aucklanders.


Over a number of years and following detailed consultation with the boating and local community, Panuku Development Auckland has put together the Westhaven Plan to detail how the area will be developed for the future, in terms of both marina facilities, and use of public space 


Westhaven Marina is home to four yacht clubs, the Auckland Dragonboating Association, the Ponsonby Sailing School, and dozens of charterboat operators. Even on a limited budget, there are many opportunities to hit the water, for beginners and experienced boaties.

CHARTER a boat

The fleet at Z Pier are on standby to get you out onto the Hauraki Gulf. From day trips, to Riverhead cruises, to self drives, and mega fishing trips, it's all on offer thanks to the team at Z Pier. It's a great place to buy and ice cream too.